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Leon Henrico
CEO Ballistic Beast Precision SA
B Comm MBA (Cum Laude)
SA Protea Benchrest Shooter & Professional Hunter
Our dream is to help our fellow sport shooters and hunters to realise their main objective when it comes to shooting and that is: “TO MAKE EVERY SHOT COUNT”. 
Our customer base extends from serious international sport shooters, professional hunters and also our friends that shoot and hunt for leisure.
We are based in Parys, Freestate, South Africa, where we also have a NRCS and NHSA accredited 1000 meter shooting range.
We currently serve the Southern African region with precision shooting  rifles / components, reloading equipment, advice and precision shooting seminars.
Everything we do is based on International Benchrest and Precision Shooting experience and principles.  We apply these principles on any caliber precision and hunting rifles and our customers have never been disappointed. 
We source and supply the best shooting and reloading equipment available in the world today from our global network of suppliers and contacts.
The science of ballistics is a very exciting but exact science that requires attention to detail and zero sacrifice on any equipment, reloading or shooting practices that may influence precision and accuracy.
The opinions, advise and solutions that BBPSA offers are based on real experience and actual field tests.  It is not based on the opinions and speculations of third parties..
Personal Words of gratitude from Leon:
Amongst my mentors are some of the best precision shooters in the world with titles of World and Super Shoot Champions. I salute and thank them all for the advise and wisdom that they shared with me over many years and for their contribution to the sport of shooting.  I salute gentleman like Mike Ratigan, Tony Boyer, Wayne Campbell, Steward Elliot. It was an honor to personally meet and shoot with you.
Thank you also to all my shooting friends and customers for your support and trust in me over the past few years.
I also want to thank Michelle and Céline for all your love, support and sacrifices.
Above all, I want to thank my Saviour, Jesus Christ,  for the blessing to be part of and contribute to the wonderful sports of shooting and hunting.
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