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Sharing 30 years of Advanced Reloading,

Long Range and 

Precision Shooting Experience

Reloading & Precision Shooting Seminars
Our BBPSA Training Academy presents Advanced Reloading & Precision Shooting Seminars across Southern Africa.  This is one of the most intensive seminars of its kind available in South Africa .  Our program is designed to accommodate novice as well as highly experienced reloaders and precision shooters.  The program runs over 2 and a half days and includes theoretical and practical reloading and shooting learning objectives and experiences.
Below is a summary of the program and modules that makes up the curriculum of the seminar as presented by Leon Henrico:
1.  Understanding Units, Measurements & Settings
2.  The Shooting Platform and Optics
3.  Bullets and Bullet Stability
4.  Bullet & Brass Preparation
5.  Reloading, Quick Load &  Precision Rifle Tuning
6.  Precision Shooting Equipment
7.  Precision Shooting Techniques & Table Manners
8.  Match / Long Range Hunting Preparation & Strategy
9.  Rifle Maintenance, Barrel Break In & Cleaning
10. Practical Precision & Long Range Shooting
After attendance of the seminar, the attendees receives a certificate of successful completion.
To arrange a seminar in your area, contact Leon Henrico: +27 (0)82 458 8890 / e-mail -
Rifle Design & Specification

Finding the Optimal Shooting Solution for your Specific Needs

BBPSA specializes in matcing specific shooting needs with optimal shooting solutions.
Here we start with bullet selection and taking it right through the total chain of barrel selection. chamber specifications to find the best rife design solution for our customers being it competitive sport shooting or hunting.
We also advise our clients on:
  • Caliber Selection
  • Rifle and Component Selection (stocks, barrels and actions / receivers)
  • Custom Chamber Specifications (SAAMI vs Custom)
  • Rifle Scope selection and optics optimisation
  • Advanced reloading equipment and selection
  • Precision shooting equipment and selection
Our advisory services can be arranged as one-on-one consultation sessions with Leon Henrico at an hourly rate of R400 per hour.  By appointment only.
These sessions are held at the BBPSA Precision Shooting & Reloading Centre in Parys, Freestate, South Africa.
To arrange your one-on-one consultation session - contact Leon Henrico: +27 (0)82 458 8890 /
e-mail -

Finding and Optimising the Precision and Accuracy Sweet Spot for your Rifle

Load Development
BBPSA specializes in load development and precision rifle tuning.
We help our clients to fully understand the important aspects of the ladder test method in tuning their rifles to achieve optimal precision loads.
We also advise our clients on understanding the principles of Quick Load as a starting point on deciding powder selection and load optimisation.
The importance of ladder testing for super-tuning any rifle is in many cases underestimated.  Therefore we take our clients through this important process step by step during one-on-one consultation sessions with Leon Henrico, at an hourly rate of R400 per hour.  By appointment only.
These sessions are held at the BBPSA Precision Shooting & Reloading Centre in Parys, Freestate, South Africa.
All of these concepts are  also thoroughly covered during the BBPSA Advanced Reloading & Precision Shooting Seminars
To arrange your one-on-one consultation sesssion - contact Leon Henrico: +27 (0)82 458 8890 /
e-mail -

Predator Control & Game Culling

Ethical Predator Control and Harvesting of Game

Predator Control & Game Culling
BBPSA renders services on appointment in problem predator control as well as game culling.
With game culling arrangements for culling only or culling where meat is purchased can be made.
Hunting safaris and events are also hosted, across South Africa, by Leon Henrico who is a qualified Professional Hunter, registered at the Professional Hunting Association of South Africa (PHASA).
Camera Safaris can also be arranged for corporate groups, groups of friends or family members.
For problem predator control or professional game culling - contact Leon Henrico: +27 (0)82 458 8890 / e-mail -

A Safe Space for Precision and Long Range Shooting up to

1000 meters

BBPSA Shooting Range
The BBPSA Shooting range is accredited at the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifcations (NRCS) as well as the National Hunting and Shooting Association (NHSA) for 1000 meters.
Our shooting range is also approved and used by the South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association (SAHGCA) on appointment.
Our shooting range is also open to the public 

Our official operating hours are:

Fridays: 08:00 to 15:45
Saturdays: 08:00 to 15:45
Sundays: 08:00 to 15

Also open on NON CHRISTIAN public holidays only : 08:00 to 15:45

Nobody will be allowed on the range outside of these hours and NO exceptions will be made. Please contact the legally responsible person - Leon Henrico - on 082 458 8890 should you need any further information.

Please remember to phone and book your time slot well in advance and before you arrive at the range to avoid disappointment. Please specify the distances that you will shoot from as well as the number of shooters.  Telephonic Shooting Range Bookings can only be made with Angelique De Jager on 076 513 6680.

By law EVERY shooter MUST report to and sign the indemnity register at Montgolfiers Restaurant before ANY shooting activity take place.

The keys to the shooting range can be collected from the Montgolfiers Restaurant where the register and indemnity are signed.  The keys must be handed in at the restaurant by no later than 15:55.
The range fees is R100 pp for the first 2 hours / R120 pp for 3 hours / R160 pp for 4 hours.  Range can only be booked for a maximum of 4 hours.
Group events must be pre-arranged with Leon Henrico personally on mobile: +27 (0)82 458 8890.
To avoid disappointment please prearrange and reserve your timeslot in advance at the contact details below.  The principle of "first come first served" applies.
For shooting range reservations, contact the shooting range at : +27 (0)84 400 2290
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